Services & Food Industry Magnets

Maroondah Sheet Metal Engineering provides a one stop shop by making other services available to our customers.

To complement our own manufacturing facilities comprising of machining, cutting, folding, rolling, arc, metal inert gas (mig) & tungsten inert gas (tig) welding we use other approved specialised services to complete customers requirements. See below.

As can be seen on our products page our manufacturing scope is vast – sheet metal, structural, marine, signage, plumbing and magnetic filtration to name a few.

Even though we manufacture permanent magnets for all industries we specialise on  “Food Industry Magnets”.

Our facility and employees are capable of designing and producing both standard and custom made magnetic assemblies for even the most challenging positions and applications.

We strive to present our customers with the best and most economical options when considering a magnet that is expected to remove magnetic impurities from their product.

Bearing in mind a standard magnet won’t be as economically viable in the long run once cleaning (resulting in more down time) and maintenance costs are incorporated. We are weary of these issues and tend to encourage customers to at least consider the benefits of a well designed and easily cleaned magnet.

  • Certified engineering computations for all sorts of structures
  • Graphic design & sign writing
  • Laser, oxy, water jet & plasma cutting
  • Sand blasting, paint stripping
  • Galvanizing , electroplating, powder coating
  • Metal polishing.
  • Magnetic Appliance Testing and Reporting Service
  • Pick up & deliver service

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