Magnetic Separation Melbourne

Maroondah Sheet Metal Engineering specializes in supplying quality magnet assemblies. We design and fabricate quality custom built magnetic appliances for the Food, Beverage, Agricultural and material handling industries. We can also fabricate chutes, ducts and adjustable brackets to maximize the benefits of new and existing magnetic assemblies.

Most commonly available are individual magnets used in single and or isolated groups to hold or attract magnetic material which are therefor limited to their individual strength, range and intensity.

The quantity of those three components determine the effectiveness of a magnetic assembly designed for a particular purpose. Multiple magnets can be assembled and housed in a specific order to increase the three components so as to maximize the performance of the appliance.

Maroondah Sheet Metal Engineering have considerable expertise when it comes to providing magnetic separation and services. We produce the best and most advanced magnetic separators that allows us to garner the best results for our clients. We know that Melbourne has a very diverse range of industry can be a very difficult to separate various types of metals and other materials in an efficient fashion. This is the reason why we offer our clients custom magnetic filtration services. We are highly skilled and qualified to design and carry out the work in the best possible manner.

Our magnetic assemblies are very powerful and therefor require extreme caution when installing, cleaning and storing to minimize the chance of injury and damage. We can demonstrate and educate staff on how to safely handle magnetic appliances.

We also provide a Magnetic Appliance Testing and Reporting Service for those who are required to maintain performance and condition reports for their magnets.

It is important to remember that high strength magnets attract a lot of fine ferrous material. Unless the appliance is designed correctly it can be very time consuming to clean properly.

There are many types and sizes of magnetic appliances some of which are pictured below.

Some units are stock and some custom made assemblies that can be made up from stock parts or made up from scratch.

As a business specializing in magnetic, we always aim towards providing our clients with products that are exactly according to their requirements, we make sure that they have a productive experience using our products. With Maroondah Sheet Metal Engineering helping you with your fabrication and magnetic separation needs you have complete assurance that you have invested your  capital in the right company. To find out more about our services, give us a call today.

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